About Us

When we launched this venture back in 2016, we were a small crypto exchange aiming to break through in a competitive market. Over the years, our platform has grown and evolved into a state-of-the-art system for purchasing, selling, and managing cryptocurrencies.

The early journey was filled with challenges. We were dedicated to enhancing the cryptocurrency trading experience, a mission that led us to develop cutting-edge technologies that sped up transactions and eradicated the delays that come with blockchain confirmations. Our platform now enables users to trade cryptocurrencies in an efficient and fluid manner.

Our aim has always been to make cryptocurrency investment simple and accessible for everyone. We've accomplished this by creating an intuitive interface, bolstered by features designed to safeguard user assets and maximize returns. We are adamant that the future of finance is cryptocurrency, and this belief has fueled our efforts from the outset.

From a small startup in 2016 to a leading crypto exchange today, we have built a reputation that instills trust in our users. We don't take this trust lightly and continue to strive for excellence.

The potential for cryptocurrencies to revolutionize the financial landscape is immense. We are committed to driving this change for the long term, aiming to provide everyone an opportunity to be part of this financial transformation. The future is crypto, and we're at the forefront, making it a reality.

Our CEO's Story

Our CEO, Chen Yong is a visionary leader in fintech. His founding of our crypto exchange fundamentally transformed the industry. He embodies the professionalism and technical prowess needed in this complex sphere. Yong's contributions have propelled meaningful progress and change across the crypto landscape. His leadership has steered our company to success.



May 2016

Our developer discovered a passion for cryptocurrencies and envisioned creating the ultimate trading and storage platform.

June 2016

The developer began assembling a team to make this vision a reality.

August 2016

The developer and his team dived into the immense task of building the platform.

July 2017

The Betobit Exchange was officially registered as a platform for trading and storing cryptocurrency.

March 2018

Betobit codes section was launched.

December 2018

A verification process was instituted for enhanced security.

January 2019

Binary options were integrated into the trading section.

Our Headquarters